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What To Do If Your Credit Score Is Bad


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National Credit Advisor

National Credit Advisor


First Work Fee$9.95
Monthly Fee$89.95


Month-to-Month Contract
Identity Theft Protection
Registered with the Attorney General
Refund Policy


Credit Score Analysis
Couple’s Discount
Dedicated Account Manager
Privacy Protection
Payoff Resolution

Help & Support

Email Support
Phone Support
Online Registration
Telephone Registration
Online Account Management
Online Chat

National Credit Advisor is a trusted leader in the credit repair industry for a number of reasons. They are affordable, effective, highly trusted, and have a pricing model that is easy to understand. With National Credit Advisor’s personalized account dashboard you can stay up to date with your credit repair process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also pick up helpful tips and general credit education along the way. For a small additional charge you can choose to expedite your service, putting you on the fast track to better credit. For those who are looking for an even cheaper rate than standard, National Credit Advisor offer a range of discounts, including couples discounts, a veterans discount, a family discount, and even a friends discount. You don’t even need to be married to qualify for the couples’s discount which is the best part!

For National Credit Advisor’s low starting price you get a credit consultation with a certified analyst who will go over your lender report with you and create a personalized plan in order to dispute any negative items that could be affecting your score. Consultations like this with a certified professional would normally cost hundreds of dollars per hour, but you can pick the brains of the National Credit Advisor reps for nothing, and move forward for just $9.95.

All of the National Credit Advisor staff are located at the head office in California, meaning the credit experts on staff provide a service unparalleled by anyone in the industry. If you don’t feel like picking up the phone, there is email support 24/7 with US based staff to answer your queries and help you with your credit concerns. If you prefer a good old fashioned phone call, National Credit Advisor experts are available 12 hours a day, plus additional shortened hours on the weekend.

With transparent, easy pricing at $9.95 to get started with your 3-bureau credit report and credit consultation, then $89.95 per month for as long as you need them, National Credit Advisor make it easy for every consumer in the US to understand their credit situation, and gives consumers the chance to improve their credit and put them in a better financial situation.

Get In Touch:

If you’d like to speak to a National Credit Advisor Representative and see why they are one of the best credit repair companies, please go to:

National Credit Advisor

or Call (888) 459-7701


+ National Credit Advisor offers simple, transparent pricing at a price to rival any credit repair company. Couple this with exceptional, expert service and you have a powerhouse in the credit repair industry

+ With National Credit Advisor you have the opportunity to speed up the service and get started right away, allowing you to get results even faster!

+ Each and every client is given a dedicated account manager to look after your credit case, who you can call for advice, help and support at any time.

+ As a client you will be given access to your online dashboard, which is updated with your credit repair process and you progress through the program.

+ National Credit Advisor offer a range of discounts on an already low price, ensuring you only pay what you need to in order to boost your credit score.

+ Round the clock email support, and 12 hour phone support during the week with extra weekend phone support is a real positive.


– There is no phone support on Sundays

– National Credit Advisor only offer 1 simple pricing plan, whereas others have tiered pricing models giving the user more choice.

Contact Information

National Credit Advisor is located in California.


Hours of Operation

Monday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Steps & Necessary Information

1. Get Your FREE Consultation

Give National Credit Advisor a call on 888-459-7701 and have a chat with one of their credit experts about how they can help you. This is an important stage for you to learn more about credit in general, or if you’re ready to get started and you know what’s on your credit file, you can go ahead and get started.

2. Let National Credit Advisor Pull Your Reports

Once you’ve decided it’s the right decision to boost your credit score, National Credit Advisor will pull your 3-bureau credit report and go through it with you for just $9.95. Here you will get a full insight into everything on your credit file. Everything is on the same phone call – no scheduling to be done.

3. Sit Back and Let the Experts Do Their Job

That’s it – you’ve done the hard (easy) work and provided National Credit Advisor with everything they need to work on your behalf to boost your credit up to where it deserves to be. You will have dashboard logins to check your progress, and the direct line of your personal case manager who will be available to help with anything you can think of throughout the process!


It is not often you find a company which couples exemplary, personal customer service at an affordable rate – especially in the credit repair industry! National Credit Advisor does just that – with personal credit case managers for each and every client, simple and transparent pricing and outstanding results, you shouldn’t look past National Credit Advisor.

With National Credit Advisor you’re treated like a valued client, as opposed to just another customer like with some other companies.

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