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            • Low price – simple plans
            • A+ rating with the BBB
            • 100% Money back guarantee
            • Unlimited disputes
            • Account access online


            • Initial extra fee of $89
            • You have to pull your own Credit Report for Experian

            Ovation Credit


            First Work Fee$85
            Monthly Fee$49 – $69


            Month-to-Month Contract
            Identity Theft Protection
            Registered with the Attorney General
            Refund Policy


            Credit Score Analysis
            Couple’s Discount
            Dedicated Account Manager
            Privacy Protection
            Payoff Resolution

            Help & Support

            Email Support
            Phone Support
            Online Registration
            Telephone Registration
            Online Account Management
            Online Chat

            Credit ratings can be easily improved with the help of credit repair services and features, like the ones offered by Ovation Credit. A customized plan to attend your specific situation and dispute whatever negative items exist on your credit report will be designed, working along with credit bureaus and creditors.

            It usually takes about 7 to 8 months to improve a credit rating, and the good thing is that results are not what expected, you get a full refund and that credit repair services can be cancelled at any moment of the process. There are also available some special discounts for couples offering a lower monthly fee than that of most competitors, though the start-up fee could be a little bit higher.

            The first step is that you provide your credit reports, and please note that this is something that you should do yourself and it’s a very simple task to do, since you can get them from a wide range of free credit report online sites. Once you have your credit reports you must mail or fax them to Ovation Credit. Ovation Credit does not give new credit; it allows you to improve the one you already have and it scores, with a variety of tools and qualified assistance.

            Once Ovation Credit gets your stats and numbers, a representative will work on your case, studying it and finding the negative aspects of them; then they are sent to credit bureaus, such as Equifax, Trans Union and Experian, but first you get the chance to check those negative aspects of them that could not be accurate.

            There are two options of plans with which you can work with Ovation Credit; both are personalized and both allow you to send any dispute you need to solve; but if you work on the higher program you can also get unlimited validation letters, creditor goodwill requests and even a letter of recommendation, which could come in handy when searching for new potential lenders.

            After you sign up a representative who will help you out and along the whole process will contact you, and from then on telephone and email support are available at any time.

            If you should have any doubts about anything you can always contact your representative, and there’s also a really complete and accurate FAQs page, with detailed information on various tasks.


            +The variety of plans and the prices offered (based on your specific needs), allows you to send unlimited disputes using the ultimate technology and expertise. The 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back is also great, plus the special discount of 20% if you sign up as a couple. Speed and direct access to credit bureaus are also positive aspects of Ovation Credit.

            +Since the year 2004 Ovation Credit holds an A+ rating with the BBB accreditation, which is also a good thing to know and to rely on. Processes are 100% legally compliant, secure and can be tracked at every moment.

            +There are two programs you have to choose from: the Essentials, which is $49 per month, or the Essentials+ program, which is $69 a month (both apply for the 20% discount for couples). So flexibility is also a pro.


            -The initial $89 “extra work fee” is something that might seem negative at first, but it’s a really cheap when compared to those of the competitors.

            -You still need to pull up your Experian credit reports and send them to Ovation Credit. But you might even have all your credit reports prior to contacting Ovation Credit and this will definitely simplify the process, and take one of those negative aspects down. So all you have to do is just forward them to Ovation Credit.

            Contact Information

            Ovation Credit‘s Corporate Office is located in Florida at:
            9310 Old Kings South Suite 404,
            Jacksonville, FL 32257


            Hours of Operation

            Monday – 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
            Tuesday – 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
            Wednesday – 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
            Thursday – 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
            Friday – 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
            Saturday Closed
            Sunday Closed

            Words From Ovation

            At Ovation, our focus is on results for our clients. Since 2004, we’ve averaged 19 Improvements per client on their combined credit reports.

            So what is an improvement? An improvement consists of deletions, falloffs or a more positive status for an account. Our programs are designed to focus on core reporting issues. Our team works to make sure that your credit report reflects accurate, complete and correct information. This goes well beyond simply seeking a deletion—if an item is yours, are all components of the item reported correctly and accurately? Our approach has generated tremendous results for our clients. These improvements generally lead to higher scores and better borrowing opportunities.

            Each case is different, and results will vary based upon the specific issues contained on your credit reports. They will also vary based upon the amount of time you are willing to commit to your credit report repair.

            Because our clients may continue to see positive changes on their reports due to our efforts, even after they have concluded their program, our actual number of improvements is most likely much higher than what we publish.

            Powerful Results

            At Ovation Credit Services, we understand that everyone’s credit report and financial situation are unique. This is why we offer two comprehensive, personalized and proven credit repair programs that simply, Get Results! With our legal strategies and experience, we have been successful in removing such items as:

            1. Collections & Medical Bills
            2. Repossessions
            3. Late Payments
            4. Identity Theft/Fraud
            5. Bankruptcies
            6. Incorrect Personal Information
            7. Inquiries
            8. Charge Offs
            9. Judgments/Liens
            10. Foreclosures

            Better Business Bureau

            Ovation Credit Review

            Credit repair review from George in Miami, FL.

            Steps & Necessary Information

            1. Pick Your Program

            First of all, you have to decide with plan you’d like to sign up with. The 2 options with Ovation Credit are the Essentials or the Essentials+ Program. One is $59/month and the other is $89/month. If you’re singing up as a couple, you get 20% off but there will be an initial $89 fee from the beginning.

            2. Obtain your Credit Reports

            This is exceptionally simple and you can even send them a copy of your current credit reports if you have them pulled. Otherwise, you’ll need to pull up your credit reports but they can definitely assist you with that.

            3. Analysis

            Once you log into your Account that’s when the analysis portion will begin for your credit reports. They will provide you with an action plan to get you results right away and improve your score as much as possible as soon as possible. To send further disputes or check results you’ll be able to access your Account at any time, which is a wonderful feature especially if you need to be updated.

            4. Your Results

            Your results will be sent to you directly from the credit bureaus. Once you receive them you will need to send them to Ovation. Once they have your results your account can be adjusted and your action plan can be changed to further assist in the removal of negative items. This step, the results step, could potentially be exceptionally quick. Make sure to check your mail for your results.

            Necessary Information:

            1. Social Security Numbers
            2. Date of Birth
            3. Debit Card or Credit Card
            4. Credit Reports
            5. IDs

            Some of the information Ovation Credit needs to complete an order are:
            Please note that this is not a complete list and the exact information needed form Ovation Credit Repair can be found on their site. Please go to Ovation’s site to acquire the full information needed as stated in their own words.


            Of course the best way to prove Ovation Credit’s quality service is to try it out for yourself, and getting in touch with them is very easy and simple. You just log on to Ovation Credit or call 888-687-9008 to contact them and get a representative assigned. Their exceptional technology, tools and human capital will help you be informed and aware of everything that’s happening to the improvements on your credit rating.