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            • Simple pricing plan
            • Risk Free Money Back Guarantee
            • Unlimited Disputes
            • Account access online
            • Discounts available


            • No extra paid features
            • No phone support on Sunday
            • C+ Rating with the BBB

            Park View Credit


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            Identity Theft Protection
            Registered with the Attorney General
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            Credit Score Analysis
            Couple’s Discount
            Dedicated Account Manager
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            Payoff Resolution

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            One of Park View Credit’s key differentiators is that they offer a range of techniques to remove negative items from your credit report, which raises your credit score in the process. One even better feature is that the number of disputes filed in one round is unlimited, meaning the speed of service with Park View Credit could potentially be much faster than you will find elsewhere.

            The average amount of time a client needs to be in Park View Credit’s system can be dramatically reduced compared to other credit repair providers because of their unlimited dispute setup – most clients stay in the program for 6 months or less. Because Park View Credit offer a money-back guarantee which states that if nothing is removed from your credit report you get a full refund within 60 days, you’re often covered for the lifespan of your credit case. This is a huge weight off your mind!

            Park View Credit also offers a host of discounts – these range from couples discounts, a veterans discount, a family discount, and even a friends discount. The best part about the couple’s discount is that you don’t have to be married in order to qualify.

            Included in Park View Credit’s incredibly low signup fee is the pulling of your lender report, which allows their FICO certified analysts to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb and decide which items are removable.

            Park View Credit have a completely US based work force, meaning the customer support and account representatives experiences are second to none. There is email support 24/7 and phone support over 12 hours each day in the working week and even support over the weekend. The Park View Credit site also has a host of reviews from previous customers, along with some important FTC study information. With Park View Credit’s personalized account dashboard you can stay up to date with your credit repair process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as pick up handy tips and general credit education along the way.


            + Park View Credit has one of the lowest price points to get started with getting your credit repaired.

            + Their staff is US based with their call centers and their staff being based out of the US as well. Their staff has been very friendly and exceptionally supportive.

            + Additionally, Park View Credit has a Risk Free Money Back Guarantee which is exceptional by anyone’s standards.

            + The support that they provide can be via phone or 24/7 via email support and you can access your Park View Credit account 24/7 through your online access.

            + A lot of companies only offer a limited amount of monthly disputes that they send over to the 3 credit bureaus, but Park View Credit offers consumers and unlimited amount of disputes when working on their credit reports.

            + We’ve found that the process can be fairly quick as well with Park View Credit.

            + A lot of companies tend to charge more and not offer any discounts when working on a consumer’s credit reports. Park View Credit offers a variety of discounts and promotional offers that can drastically help on proceeding forward with getting your credit repaired.


            – Unfortunately, they do not offer any phone support on Sunday.

            – No additional services are provide to help improve your credit reports or your credit score.

            Contact Information

            Park View Credit is located in California at:

            Corporate Office
            15350 Sherman Way,
            Van Nuys, CA 91406



            Hours of Operation

            Monday – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
            Tuesday – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
            Wednesday – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
            Thursday – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
            Friday – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
            Saturday – 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
            Sunday – Closed

            Better Business Bureau

            Steps & Necessary Information

            1. Your Consultation Is Free

            First of all, you have to call or sign up with Park View Credit. Give them a call and they’ll provide you with a free consultation so you can decide if you are in need of credit repair in the first place. This is where you should ask a lot of questions before they get started on anything. Make sure that you interview them to see if they’re a good fit for you.

            2. Park View Credit Will Pull Your Credit Reports

            From there, Park View Credit will help you obtain a recent copy of your credit reports. They will then setup a call for your consultation with one of their FICO certified analysts to go over your credit reports with you. This appointment is made once you’ve paid the small joining fee. You can even schedule a call with a specialist that day if you have time.

            3. A FICO Certified Analyst Will Provide A Consultation

            A plan of action is formed in this step. They will walk you through your reports, explain what they can work on and what negative and erroneous items can be removed from your credit reports. Their experts will go over every item on your credit report with you to explain how the credit repair work will be completed and how effective they might be in helping your credit score boost.

            Step 4: Relax, They’re Doing Their Job!

            At the final step, you’ve done everything you need to. From here Park View Credit will work to dispute and resolve the issues on your credit reports. With your account access online, you can log into your dashboard 24 hours a day. You’ll be able to see your progress, or you can pick up the phone and speak to your dedicated credit repair representative whenever you want (except Sunday!).

            What Sensitive Information Is Needed?

            1. Social Security Numbers
            2. Date of Birth
            3. Debit or Credit Card
            4. Credit Reports


            In summary, Park View Credit offers exceptional customer service and a Risk Free Money Back Guarantee, this on top of the potential discounts, low pricing and free consultation makes Park View Credit a good option in the credit repair industry.

            They are a US based company operating our of California, which 24/7 email support and phone support almost everyday except Sunday. Park View Credit also has a beautifully designed website and an easy to use Account management system.

            All in all, a good option and further research should be done as a customer before fully deciding on which route to take.