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            • Steller Reputation
            • Excellent Customer Support
            • Money Back Guarantee
            • Personal Account Managers
            • Online Dashboard


            • Must Have Internet Access

            Pyramid Credit Repair


            First Work Fee$39
            Monthly Fee$59


            Month-to-Month Contract
            Identity Theft Protection
            Registered with the Attorney General
            Refund Policy


            Credit Score Analysis
            Couple’s Discount
            Dedicated Account Manager
            Privacy Protection
            Payoff Resolution

            Help & Support

            Email Support
            Phone Support
            Online Registration
            Telephone Registration
            Online Account Management
            Online Chat

            Pyramid Credit Repair is an innovative credit repair service which has been a leader in the industry for many years. They are known for constantly improving and innovating new systems to help their system and process be more transparent for the consumer, in hopes of eliminating all guess work when it comes to knowing where you are in the credit repair process. One of the things that set them apart from other credit restoration companies is that they constantly communicate with their clients to ensure that they’re getting the results and outcome they are seeking.

            Pyramid Credit Repair adopts a software-based approach to credit restoration. This allows for quick and efficient delivery of services. This software is so easy to use, that within a few minutes, a consumer can establish a portal registration and gain access to their personalized dashboard via cloud. Moreover, the software is cloud-based so all the updates regarding the disputes are available for you at all times and you can access them from anywhere. A personal account manager will be assigned upon sign-up to help orchestrate a plan of action upon looking into your credit situation. Subsequently, your personal account manager will help come up with a personalized solutions for fixing your credit issues. These account managers are very experienced and are aware of the technical aspects of the credit industry. You will find them very helpful in mapping out your road to credit recovery.

            Another aspect which makes the company stand out from other credit repair services is the quick results they promise. With their software-based approach, they are able to process the credit reports within a few minutes, give the consumer the ability to flag the items they would like to dispute with a click of a button. This in turn helps them in filing disputes with the creditors quickly too. Because of this fast-tracked nature of their services, you can expect to see significant changes in your credit score within 30-45 days.

            With no long-term commitments for using their services, Pyramid Credit Repair stands behind their pay-as-you-go policy, which means you can cancel the subscription of their services whenever you want. Besides this, Pyramid Credit Repair is among one of the few companies that offers a 100% money back guarantee to you for its services. If you are not satisfied with the results produced by them, just reach out to support and request for your money back. It’s that easy!

            Getting started with Pyramid Credit Repair is easy too. You just have to order the “Pyramid Kit” and run the installation wizard, which streamlines the registration and profile setup process. Once your profile is setup, you can start rebuilding your credit within 24 hours.

            Get In Touch:

            If you’d like to speak to a Pyramid Credit Repair Representative and see why they are one of the best credit repair companies, please go to:

            Pyramid Credit Repair

            or Call (888) 522-5517


            + Pyramid Credit Repair great track record and customer support makes the company a safe and wise choice.

            + Online Dashboard that updates your with status changes 24/7 and a great way to keep track and monitor your credit repair progress.

            + They offer Live Account Managers who are always available to help via chat, email, and phone.

            + An additional plus is the affordable cost of the program. Pyramid Credit Repair has a very affordable program and it also offers substantial discounts for couples.

            + Pyramid Credit Repair provides clients with a very easy and quick sign up process. They understand efficiency and the value consumer’s time hence everything from their website to their service and online dashboard is super easy.

            + Pyramid Credit Repair doesn’t commit customers to long-term contracts. Their pay-as-you-go structure allows customers to easily cancel their plan whenever and for whatever reason with no questions asked.

            + Pyramid Credit Repair is popular for their superior customer support through their highly trained and expert team of credit specialists.


            – The results aren’t immediate- takes roughly 45 days. However, this is the case for every credit repair company out there. Results do not happen overnight and credit repair requires meticulous labor and knowledge.

            – To take advantage of most of their features, their Pyramid Starter Kit requires internet access and some sort of computer device, whether it be a personal computer, iPad, or a smartphone with capabilities of accessing the online dashboard where customers can monitor, communicate, and educate themselves of their credit recovery process.

            Contact Information

            Pyramid Credit Repair is located in New York at:

            17 State Street Suite 4000
            New York, NY 10004

            Hours of Operation

            Monday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
            Tuesday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
            Wednesday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
            Thursday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
            Friday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
            Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
            Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST

            Better Business Bureau


            Steps & Necessary Information

            1. First Step

            Using the Easy Online Form, place order for Pyramid Starter Kit. Within minutes you will receive a welcome email and tracking information for the welcome kit.

            2. Review and Setup

            Upon receipt of your Pyramid Starter Kit via mail delivery – within 1-2 business days – the secure setup wizard will guide you through obtaining a credit report, establish a secure profile on a cloud based online dashboard, and email you the confirmation of registration and access to your customized back-end portal.

            3. The Dispute Process

            Pyramid Credit Repair will challenge your erroneous items with creditors and 3-major credit bureaus and customers will have the ability to monitor and keep track of progress right through their secure cloud-based online dashboard virtually from anywhere.

            Necessary Information:

            1. Social Security Numbers
            2. Government/State Issued ID
            3. Utility Bill
            4. Credit/Debit Card
            5. 3-Bureau Credit Report


            Pyramid Credit Repair requires no long-term contracts and clients could easily cancel their services anytime. Some concern however, is price which can be a considerable investment to start the program at $99. But again, for that price you get an online dashboard, live account manager, a team of credit specialists that handle the process, and many other cool features to help sustain and maintain your improved credit score. This means that your credit report receives the full attention that it needs until it is successfully resolved in your favor.