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The Credit People





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            • Low price – simple plan
            • A+ rating with the BBB
            • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
            • Account access online


            • Business history is short

            The Credit People


            First Work Fee$19
            Monthly Fee$59
            Flat Fee (6 months)$299


            Month-to-Month Contract
            Identity Theft Protection
            Registered with the Attorney General
            Refund Policy


            Credit Score Analysis
            Couple’s Discount
            Dedicated Account Manager
            Privacy Protection
            Payoff Resolution

            Help & Support

            Email Support
            Phone Support
            Online Registration
            Telephone Registration
            Online Account Management
            Online Chat

            When you’re looking forward to repairing your credit reports, simplicity is something that you would want from whichever credit repair company you choose to work with. And that’s something The Credit People can definitely credit themselves for, because working with this young yet experienced company is as easy and effective as it gets.

            Once you first contact the company they immediately start working within 48 hours or less, and one of the first (if not the first) thing they do is to make you feel sure that you and your credit will receive fair treatment, after they finished their work. Even a personal online account will be provided to you, to allow you to follow every step of the progress done with the repairing of your credit. On top of that they provide you, for free, with 3 credit scores and reviews for free, but we will get on to that later on.

            Some of the advantages of The Credit People are not just plain advantages, but more like characteristics that make them unique; for instance, they are known as the company that focuses on score-driven results. This is a perfect way of ensuring yourself the best results possible when it comes to improving your credit score and let’s face it, that’s why you came here, right?

            Going online with your personal account is also a great plus, since you get to follow the track of the progress that your credit is making for yourself and you can also find lots of handy resources in it. They provide you with an easy method to keep track of your progress and your results will be mailed directly to you from all 3 credit bureaus.

            The Credit People has been around solving people’s trouble since the year 2001 although this doesn’t make them the oldest company in business, but they do offer a strong and effective service that surpasses other companies with a longer history. Actually their satisfaction guarantee or your money back is a fine way of assuring yourself that you’ll be satisfied with the look, and the effects, of your credit reports by the time they finished cleaning it.

            Credit Repair services are, speaking from a strictly objective point of view, the only, best and most effective way of being able to repair your credit. This basically means to be able to be able to get loans, credit or debit cards and sometimes even maybe being able to getting a job you might want to consider getting your credit reports worked on by an effective company like The Credit People. So when you’re looking forward to dealing with a credit repair company you want them to work as fast as they can at the same time as easy and effective. All these three attributes can (and will) be found in The Credit People.

            While it might at first seem like a complicated and tedious path (also because you are feeling frustrated by the imminent chance of not being able to achieve an important goal) repairing your credit with The Credit People is not tedious like you’d expect it to be when working with the credit bureaus. The process is quite simple, actually; it begins with you simply calling or getting online and signing up.

            Careful analysis and thorough review is the second, and also very important, step. A team of qualified professionals will immediately get to work on your case and begin to set a strategy to make your reports get to look nice and clean, free from questionable items and whatsoever; you will also be able to follow up the progress of the whole process, simply by login in to your account with the provided username and password, chosen by you.

            Once the strategy is designed everything that’s possible to build a strong credit reports its start to be done; improvements will begin to be seen monthly, until your report looks as good as possible. Some sensitive information might be needed, such as social security numbers, credit or debit card information or your date of birth and you shouldn’t be afraid of giving it, since it will be secure, and it’s definitely crucial for obtaining your goal.


            + All 3 credit reports, and credit scores are provided for free

            + Discount for couples

            + 14+ years experience

            + 24 hour online account access

            + 100% satisfaction guarantee

            + Simple and affordable pricing plans

            + Very easy to work with due to exceptional customer service support


            – Other competitors have been in business longer

            – Not accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

            Contact Information

            The Credit People Credit Repair is located in Florida at:

            Corporate Headquarters:
            7380 Sand Lake Road
            5th Floor PMB 5225
            Orlando, FL 32819


            (855) 997-7111

            Hours of Operation

            Monday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
            Tuesday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
            Wednesday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
            Thursday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
            Friday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
            Saturday Closed
            Sunday Closed

            Better Business Bureau


            The Credit People Review

            Credit repair review from Bryan in New York City, NY.

            Steps & Necessary Information

            Step 1: Sign up.

            They will begin by obtaining your credit reports for you, which can be acquired for free by law. From there, your online account will be created so you can log on and keep track of your work.

            Step 2: Analysis of your Credit Reports & Review

            After you sign up and gain access to your account, you’ll see that all 3 of your credit bureau reports have been uploaded and available to you. A The Credit People representative will then get started on analyzing your 3 credit bureau reports and completing a full review so they can determine how to best help you through the process. Right from the start they’ll begin with a strategy and a plan. The strategy will focus on how to challenge and remove questionable items from your credit reports in the most effective and expeditious manner.

            Step 3: The Credit Repair Process Then Starts

            Disputes are sent and this starts the steps towards rebuilding your credit. Good credit is not just about having good and up to date accounts, it’s also about having no derogatory and rareness accounts. As The Credit People complete their work and the proper steps are taken, you’ll begin seeing improvements in your credit reports each month once those negative items are updated or removed. This process of repairing your credit will continue until they’ve accomplished the best results possible for you. One very important thing to note is that you can always cancel at any time. So if you feel as if nothing is happening and you want to give it some time you wont be penalized for it.

            What Sensitive Information Is Needed:

            Some of the information The Credit People need to complete an order are:

            1. Date of Birth
            2. Social Security Numbers
            3. Credit or Debit Card information

            Words from The Credit People

            “We stand behind our work, and that’s why over 100,000 people have trusted us to repair their credit in the first place. We’ve made our service risk-free. We completely guarantee your satisfaction.  When you’re paying month by month as you go, you’re assured that you’ll never pay for anything that you aren’t happy with. You can cancel at any time and you will not be charged for that month of service.  If you chose our flat-fee pricing, you have a full six-month satisfaction guarantee.  Our goal is to make you one of our thousands of satisfied customers and we’re willing to go the extra mile for it. That’s our promise to you.”


            The Credit People maintains an exceptional  track record that is full of relatively positive reviews and appreciations compared to most of its competitors. The Credit People is well received among their customers and industry professionals often refer clients to them for they simple pricing and exceptional customer service. We like The Credit People because they seem to offer a simple and straight-forward solution.